Systems Department

You've found the LIB server. Unless you explicitly know you're looking for something here, you probably are looking for the McIntyre Library Home Page

Library Resources

  1. Alternate Library Homepage
  2. Off-Campus Computer Access (Work from home)
  3. Database List Snapshots
  4. Specific Database Access
  5. Records Management Training
  6. Virtual Tour

Useful Links to Resources on Other Servers

  1. McIntyre Library Intranet
  2. Alma
  3. LibGuides Login
  4. Acuity Scheduling Login
  5. Library H3lp Login
  6. EZproxy Database List
  7. Gimlet Statistics Tracker
  8. Redmine Shared Systems Issue Tracker
  9. Enable WKS Account
  10. Shelf Reading Application

Makerspace Resources

  1. Makerspace Reservation System (INTERNAL USE ONLY)
  2. MK3S Printer Pi Feed (On-Campus Only)
  3. Makerspace Proposal
  4. 3D Printer Snapshots

Systems Resources

  1. Contracts related to the Systems department
  2. EZproxy: entry not found
  3. Systems Department Presentations
  4. Reports