Systems Department Presentations

Occasionally, we in the systems department develop something worth sharing.
Here are the presentations and the corresponding files.

Blugold Makerspace Creation All of the details of how we created our makerspace
University Makerspace Presentation Presentation given at Spring 2019 ITMC and related files
Circulation Notices We included Home locations in circulation notices
Voyager Holdings To SFX At McIntyre Library, we have 7 locations where periodicals are stored. We create 7 SFX getHolding services, and populate them with our holdings data from voyager.
SFX AZList Customization Changes to the Display of the AZ List
Metalib Deep Link Generator Metalib is such a vast system, it provides many ways to link into it and many ways to search its data. Unfortunately, creating links into Metalib is quite technical and in some cases, undocumented. We created a web page that helps you create deep links to Metalib and html search boxes that search Metalib's data.
Text Call Number to Cell Phone (Voyager)

Text Call Number to Cell Phone (Primo)
Being able to send the location, title, and call number of a book to your cell phone via text message is very handy. In this zip file you can find the ASP/ASPX files and the modifications to your Voyager 7 tomcat files / Primo files needed to implement this feature.
Enhancement of the data in the 856 linking field Converts text from 856 link into links named Online Content for all resources with information in the 856 field.
EZproxy Custom Need a Host Page When EZproxy encounters a proxied link to an unconfigured resource, ask the user to report it. The system sends an informative email to our department so we can fix the EZproxy configuration.