Blugold Makerspace Creation Process

The Blugold Makerspace didn't pop up over night. Library and other interested staff invested significant time to investigate and plan the makerspace. You can read about our process in the article The 'stone soup' approach to creating a library makerspace.

We started with a Makerspace Exploration Task Force. The purpose was to determine the feasability of a makerspace and create funding proposals. We presented the funding proposals and once they were accepted and we had secured funding, we created a Makerspace Implementation Task Force. The purpose was to hammer out the details of the makerspace and implement the new space/service.

The Beginning

Fall 2016
  • Broad plan
  • Library Director approved an Exploration Task Force

Securing Funding

March and April 2018

Makerspace Implementation Task Force

The task force met 16 times between February and September 2018

Blugold Makerspace Opens 2018

  • Sept 10 - Soft opening. We start staffing the makerspace
  • Sept 21 - Grand opening with Davy Sumner
  • Open hours and staffing
    • Fall 2018: 24 hours per week, no student workers
    • Spring 2019: 30 hours per week, 3 student workers
    • Fall 2019: 32 hours per week, 3 student workers
    • 2020 and 2021 were sad years
    • Spring 2022: 39 hours per week, 5 student workers
  • Makerspace Usage Statistics as of 2022-03-23